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Recovery takes more than 1 Day, Week, or Month

This is National Fire Prevention Week, so I took brownies to my local fire department. I was greeted very warmly, and they really appreciated the treats. After we spoke for a bit about the usual “fire house” things, they mentioned that if I still felt like baking this week that the people in Hampstead, NC (to the Northeast of Wilmington, NC) could sure use a tasty treat. In fact, 500 hot meals were being delivered on Thursday and they needed drivers, too.

To say I was surprised is putting it mildly, I was quite shocked by what they told me. People are still living in shelters, and some have absolutely no where to go. Usually its people who were renting, and they have no idea if the homeowner who they rent from will even rebuild. If they do rebuild, will they still be able to afford that house? Others own their homes, but don’t have the funds to rebuild and await FEMA and Small Business Association loans. One of the towns lost every single school. Think on that for just one minute. Every. Single. School. Luckily other districts are busing them into their districts and trying to help them get back to normal, while they work to quickly build new ones.

Clothing drives and food deliveries are still taking place, and relief concerts have been scheduled. The world moves on, people return to normal (or as normal as possible), but for some it will be a great while before “Normal” happens for them. I live so close, but had no idea until I visited our local fire department and they told me of their efforts, and let me know of some of the ways I could help out.

So this week I recommend taking your local Fire Department something to say “Thank You”, and maybe whip up something extra and take it by your local shelter. If you can’t do that, then send positive thoughts, or say prayers for those that are still affected by hurricanes, floods and wildfires. Let’s send some messages of Love and Positivity out to Everyone!

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