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How to Prevent a Grease Fire

Statistics reveal that nearly 5,000,000 cooking fires occur annually in the home. Of these fires, grease fires are the most dangerous and are responsible for 1 in every 5 home fire deaths. Learning how to prevent and put out grease fires could save your or a loved one’s life.

Tips for Preventing Grease Fires

  1. Never leave the kitchen stove unattended. When frying, boiling, reheating or doing any other kind of cooking, do not leave the kitchen until you are done. Grease fires can happen in less than 30 seconds so do not leave your food unattended.

  2. Do not cook when drinking or sleep-deprived.

  3. Don’t throw in food carelessly when the oil is hot.  It will splatter and can lead to burns. Drain all moisture from the food before dipping it into the hot oil. Also, avoid putting frozen foods into hot grease.

  4. Do not over-heat the grease beyond the maximum recommended temperature. If you notice any smoke or oil smells, it simply means that the oil is too hot and therefore you should turn the burner down.

  5. Keep children distant from the stove when it is lit.

Young Man Cooking
Grease Fire

The Do’s and Dont's In Case of a Grease Fire

  1. Do Not Use Water On a Grease Fire

    No matter what you do, never think of stopping the flames with water. Why? Water contains oxygen and a lot of it. So when you pour water on the fire, instead of cooling down, you’ll have powered it even more.

  2. Never Attempt to Move The Burning Pot/Pan Outside

    Many people make this common mistake because it seems logical at the time. However, the burning oil could spill, and it can burn you and other flammable objects it comes into contact with.

3. Never Swat at the Fire with a Fabric Like a Towel or Apron

What happens if you do, you’ll be fanning the flame, and it will spread even more. And the material could also catch fire.

What should I do if I have an Auto-Out go off?

If you have an Auto-Out installed and you accidentally start a grease fire, Auto-Out will work upon-flame activation. As the flames touch the wick at the bottom of the canister, the device will pop open and release fire-suppressant powder directly onto the fire.


When your Auto-Out activates it will also emit a loud pop sound. This pop sound will alert you to its activation and should serve as a prompt to return to the stovetop. The power that is released from the Auto-Out canister is not toxic or corrosive. If it is safe to do so, turn the burner off. This prevents a fire from re-igniting. Only turn the burner off if it is safe to do so. Proceed with safety and caution at all times.


Auto-Out is a one-time use only device. If you are an apartment resident, contact your community manager immediately to notify them that your Auto-Out has activated. Depending on the scale and severity of the fire, there may be smoke damage or other items that require management attention. If you are in danger, call 911.

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