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About Us

We come to work every day with one thing in mind – providing an affordable solution to the number one cause of residential fires – unattended cooking. No, it’s not glamorous, artistic, or trendy, but it is important to us. Every person that comes to work at Warren Watts Technology is made aware of the importance of what they are doing by learning real life lessons about the danger and devastation a fire can bring to a person’s life. Each and every person knows that what they are doing at Warren Watts Technology could and does save lives, property, and futures. We monitor residential fires every day. It is the first thing most of the office staff does when they are having that morning cup of coffee. The stories are concerning because we see the disruption of daily life and loss of material things that cause inconvenience. But what really affects us are the stories of lives lost: a child, someone’s grandmother, or a hardworking mom or dad. People just like us and just like you.

We formed our company in 2011 but some of us have been working with these products for over 30 years. Our team members are dedicated to bringing our customers the service they deserve. We are privileged to manufacture in the USA and we pride ourselves on quality products.

We work directly with our customers because we don’t think that resellers with 10,000 products to offer have the time to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about what will work best for you and your assets. We have the time, knowledge, and desire to give our customers what they need at the lowest price
possible, because  shouldn’t everyone be able to afford a lifesaving product like Auto-Out?

Thank you for taking an interest in Auto-Out and visiting our site – if we can help you please contact us. We would love to hear from you today!

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