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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Auto-Out® Venthood work?
Using a commercial strength magnet, Auto-Out Venthood securely anchors underneath your vent hood. The flames from a cooking fire actuate the Auto-Out, causing it to dispense its fire-suppressant powder onto the fire. Smoke or heat alone will not cause it to activate.

Is Auto-Out Venthood easy to install?
Yes, it simply uses a magnet to secure to the underside of the venthood.

How does Auto-Out know there’s a fire?
Auto-Out is equipped with a flame-sensitive mechanism that triggers it to activate when touched directly by a flame.


Can Auto-Out be used for a gas and electric stove?

Yes, Auto-Out may be used over a gas and/or electric stove.


How many do I need?

Auto-Out Venthood is sold by the pair. Most standard cooktops have four burners (two burners on the left and two on the right). Center one of the canisters between the front and back burner on the left side of the cooktop. Then lift straight up to secure into the hood. Repeat for the right side of the cooktop and installation will be complete.

Can I use the Auto-Out Venthood canisters for a cooktop that has an over-the-range microwave?
No, you will need to use Auto-Out® Microwave, a product we created specifically for cooktops with over-the-range microwaves.

Can I use Auto-Out to put out other types of fires?
Auto-Out has been tested for residential, cooking grease fires and is not intended to be used to fight other types of fires including electrical.

Will Auto-Out put out a 3D printer fire?

No. The primary fire suppression agent in Auto-Out is not designed for any other kind of fire except for grease fires.

Can I use Auto-Out in my food truck?

Auto-Out has been tested for residential, cooking grease fires and is not suitable for use in a food truck or for deep-fat frying.

How long does it last?
Auto-Out Venthood and Auto-Out Microwave have a product life of 6 years from the date of manufacture. Both products are one-time use only and must be replaced if used or expired. We will remind you when it is time to re-order.

How do I dispose of my Auto-Out's once they are expired?

Auto-Out does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals and can simply be disposed of with your regular trash. You are also welcome to package up your expired Auto-Out's and return them to us for disposal. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


What should I do if I have an Auto-Out go off?

When your Auto-Out activates it will emit a loud pop sound and release a fire-suppressant powder to the fire. This pop sound will alert you to its activation and should serve as a prompt to return to the stovetop. The powder that is released from the Auto-Out canister is not toxic or corrosive. If it is safe to do so, turn the burner off. This prevents a fire from re-igniting. Only turn the burner off if it is safe to do so. Proceed with safety and caution at all times.


Auto-Out is a one-time use only device. If you are an apartment resident, contact your community manager immediately to notify them that your Auto-Out has activated. Depending on the scale and severity of the fire, there may be smoke damage or other items that require management attention. If you are in danger, call 911.

How much does Auto-Out cost?
Auto-Out Venthood starts at $40 per pair and Auto-Out Microwave starts at $84 per pair. Volume discounts are available for all products.


How does Auto-Out compare to a fire extinguisher?
• Auto-Out works automatically upon flame activation and does not require a person to operate it.
• It does not need an inspection or recharging.
• Auto-Out is specifically designed to combat residential unattended cooking fires, the nation’s leading cause of home fires.

Where can I buy Auto-Out?
We manufacture Auto-Out and sell direct so just contact us to place an order!

Can I get an insurance break for installing Auto-Out?
Quite possibly, yes. We recommend you talk to your insurance provider about possible premium discounts or lower deductibles. Contact us for more information.

Has Auto-Out been laboratory tested?
Yes, all Auto-Out products have been tested by Southwest Research Institute®, a nationally recognized testing laboratory. Copies of this testing report are available upon request.

How will I know when it’s time to replace Auto-Out?
You will find the expiration date printed on the label of each Auto-Out fire-suppression canister listed by month and year the product will expire. For example, 12 2025 means the product will expire in December of 2025 with 12 representing the month (December) and 2025 representing the year. We also keep a record of your purchase date and will send you a reminder letter when it’s time to re-order.

What is your return policy?

In order to keep our prices affordable and provide a 6 year product life to all customers, we have a limited return policy. Returns are typically limited to items damaged during shipping or due to manufacturer's error only. Any other return must be completed within 30 days, is at the discretion of Auto-Out, and is subject to a 30% restocking fee and return shipping costs. All returns require prior authorization and must be brought to our attention within 30 days of ship date. We cannot accept any returns after 30 days from purchase.

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