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Auto-Out Works.

Just Ask Our Customers...

"For all of the multifamily owners and management firms that are smart enough to use your products, I know that you have customers for life. I know what they have done for the owners and clients that I have worked with or represented over the years. First and foremost, with helping to avert the greatest of all tragedies, the loss of a life. They also protect the physical asset itself, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in property loss damages and also helping to keep kitchen fire insurance claims to a minimum. I am one of your most staunch advocates for these protection devices and you can count on me to continue to be well into the future."

S. Ployer, CPM®, CSM, MFE, NAHP-e, CGPM

Founder & President

National Property Management Strategies Group, LLC

Holbrook, MA

“I am writing to say how fortunate we are to be an Auto-Out® customer. We just recently purchased Auto-Out automatic cooktop fire suppressors for all our apartment complexes. A week after we installed the units, one of the Auto-Out canisters extinguished a cooktop fire that could have cost us tens of thousands of dollars in damage not to mention possible injury or loss of life. Auto-Out has proven to be a sound investment in protecting our residents and our real estate investment.”

Mike Kucera, President of American Preservation Builders

"We use this product for all of our units. This product has literally saved us thousands of dollars in liabilities. I would highly recommend for all multifamily and older adult housing."

David Gonzalez, President of HACE Management Co.

"See photo where Auto-Out put out the fire! I sent this photo out to all our managers. You may be getting extra orders!"


Peggy Obermesik, Risk Management Associate at KMG Prestige

"The Nancy Renyhart Center for Dementia Education provides education, support and resources for healthcare professionals, first responders, caregivers and members of the general public. One of the resources we talk about is the Auto-Out! I always share a personal story that the Auto-Out saved my father in law’s home from burning down. My father in law had multiple comorbidities, mid to moderate stage dementia being one of them. One day he had a hankering for pierogies. He forgot about them and a fire started. Fortunately, my husband and I learned about the Auto-Out a few months prior and had installed them at his house. Without the Auto-Out his home would have burned to the ground and he may have died."

L. Shirey, The Nancy Renyhart Center for Dementia Education

"Thank you! Had our first stove top fire and Auto-Out put it out perfectly - no damage - great product!"

Drew County Public Facilities Board, Monticello, AR

“We had five large apartment fires between 2013 and 2014 that totaled over $2 million dollars. We had no fire related insurance claims in 2015 after installing the Auto-Out.”

​Garry Gee, President of Property Asset Management

"Thank you for saving my house from burning down. I had a stove fire. It burned the cabinets very bad but it put the fire out and we have no structural damage to our house. THANK YOU I have been recommending them to all my friends"

Howard Adams, Homeowner

“Overland Park firefighters raced to the scene of a reported fire in an apartment complex only to find their work had already been done — automatically. The stovetop fire at The Lodge of Overland Park apartments was snuffed out by a simple device attached inside the range hood… ‘The Fire Department did not put one drop of water on the stove,’ said Leslie Scott, property manager at the complex. ‘It was fully extinguished.’


That was a relief not only to the management but to the occupants of the apartment at 106th and Foster streets on Sunday evening. The Fire Department saw it as an educational opportunity. ‘Overland Park Fire has been pushing awareness of these devices for several years, even securing a grant to provide them for high-risk residents,’ the department said in a statement...In Sunday’s case, the range hood was ruined and the cabinets and walls were blackened. But that was scant damage compared to what could have happened if the fire had spread beyond the stove and into adjacent apartments.

Resource Residential placed two suppressors, which cost about $17 each, over the stove in each of the 548 units. The company considers that a good investment. Scott said an average apartment fire used to cause about $100,000 in damage, but with range hood fire suppressors, that figure is about $2,500. ‘One life lost — there’s no way to put a dollar amount on that’ she said. ‘In multifamily housing, one person with a lapse in judgment can be devastating.’

Lt. Andrew Grove, who was among the first firefighters responding to Sunday’s incident, said cooking fires are the most common calls his department gets. He said range hood fire suppressors are safety tools like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. ‘This is something that’s going to stop a fire,’ Grove said.”

Overland Park Fire Department praises stovetop fire extinguishers

“Our maintenance staff found it easy to install the Auto-Out Fire Suppressors. The experience was positive and the shipping was quick.”

J. Lopez, Director of Maintenance at Shadow Hill Apartments

“We had another stove fire. The fire canisters put it out without damage to the unit…This makes ten reported since we placed the fire suppression canisters over the stoves and no damage claims! They work! Best advice you ever gave me.”

Provided by a Client of our Insurance Partner, Commercial Insurance Solutions

“I just returned from a stove fire call at Apple Tree Lane here in Easthampton MA. Upon arrival there was no smoke, no fire showing...I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your product saved this apartment and adjoining units from a potentially disastrous fire. It did so, extremely efficiently. So much so that we didn’t even have to ventilate any smoke because there wasn’t any. Very impressive to say the least.”

Dennis Peck, Captain of the Easthampton, MA Fire Department

“In 2014 we made a substantial investment by installing Auto-Out’s in apartment units in the DFW area. Over the last few years we experienced several kitchen fires in our properties and hoped that your product would help prevent future losses. In March, there was a kitchen fire at one of our Dallas properties. The Auto-Out extinguished the flame immediately and prevented what could have been a major loss. The total damage was less than $1000! Our investment paid off handsomely.”

John Gillespie, President of WAK Management Company

“Resource Residential manages properties in 22 states and had taken the initiative to place range top fire extinguishers in all of their properties. Across the company, they have seen their average kitchen fire loss drop from $100,000 to $2,500. They’re investing in the safety of their residents and reaping a financial benefit, to boot!”

Excerpt From “A Tale of Two Fires” Featured on

“The Auto-Out® work[ed] great, it went off, the powder came out and the fire was gone. Thank you so much for letting us demo your product at the rescue squad’s open house. Like I stated before, this will be very useful in our area.”

Randy Kellum, Training Officer of the Kilmarnock, VA Volunteer Fire Department

“The morning of January 14, 2015, a resident left a pot on the stove cooking. The resident stated she was upstairs sleeping and heard a loud pop. It was the pop of the Auto-Out. The Auto-Out prevented the fire from spreading with only minor damages to stove.”

Marshet Williams, Manager at Shadowbrook Townhomes

Auto-Out fire suppressor

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