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How to Buy Auto-Out

Here at Auto-Out, we are both the manufacturer and supplier of stovetop fire suppressors. We intentionally forgo the big-box distribution channels that other brands are tied to. We prefer to work directly with our customers to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about what will work best for you and your assets. This also allows us to keep our prices low without a distributor mark-up. Auto-Out customers report an average savings of 20% - 40% buying from us vs the Competitor!

Ordering Process

Need to Receive a Quote or Place an Order for 12 Pairs or More?

Need a Smaller Order (Less Than 12 Pairs)?

  • Smaller orders of Auto-Out Venthood (12 pairs or less) can be easily and securely purchased through our online store.

  • Auto-Out Microwave is not available through our online store. Please contact us directly to order.

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