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Insurance Partners

This list may not inclusive of all insurance partners. If your broker or carrier is not listed, be sure to ask them about Auto-Out!

Philadelphia Insurance logo


"With Auto-Out, property owners can have peace of mind knowing their residents are protected and their rental units remain intact. The cost of rebuilding and lost rent from a fire can be detrimental to a property owner's bottom line. Auto-Out helps reduce or eliminate property loss, keep rental units occupied, and prevent large insurance claims."

We encourage PHLY policyholders interested in purchasing Auto-Out devices to learn more.



Headquarters in Monterey, CA
Capital Insurance Group offers commercial customers a 5% premium discount for this safety device.

Capital Insuance Group logo
Megan Davidson
(206) 454-8040 Office

Headquarters in Seattle, WA
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. has been a real estate specialist since 1925, and protects more than 2 million multi-family units annually – both affordable and conventional.  We recognize the value an integrated loss control program – including Auto-Out devices – can bring to your overall cost of risk.

Honeycomb Logo.png


"Through the usage of Auto-Out, insureds rest at ease knowing that their properties and residents are better protected from a leading cause of loss for commercial habitational risks: Kitchen stove top fires. Auto-Out Stovetop Fire Suppressors increase the desirability of a rental property from an insurability standpoint, and, in certain circumstances, may even result in a premium credit for insureds."


Headquarters in Dallas, TX
Commercial Insurance Solutions has helped clients obtain a 15% premium discount for the installation of stovetop fire suppression devices.
Angie Ruddock
(361) 790-9766 Office
(361) 688-3177 Cell

Commecial Insurance Solutions & Auto-Out
Brent Guldahl
(214) 420-0307 Office
(214) 212-2887 Cell
USI Insurance Services – Chicago: For 35 years, we have exclusively worked on Affordable Housing and we are endorsed by two National Affordable Housing Associations.
Ed Goesel

Sr. VP National Program

(312) 766-2028 Office
Kapnick Logo.jpg
Headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK
Professional Insurors (PI) insures over 300,000 units nationwide. PI's carriers offer varying discounts and disappearing deductible clauses for those clients protected with Auto-Out fire suppression devices.
Professiona Insurance & Auto-Out
Kapnick Insurance Group’s many solutions for controlling risk are streamlined by our one firm approach. Each department, team member, and industry specialist works together to ensure that all of your risks are mitigated. Our system is designed to identify risk, create a plan, manage those risks, and monitor the results – giving you the strength, knowledge, and direction to handle anything that may come your way.

coldbrook logo-large.jpg
Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI

Our client’s property, as well as their tenant’s safety, are of utmost importance to us at Coldbrook Insurance.  The value of installing Auto-Out fire suppression devices in conjunction with a risk management program benefits all parties involved.

Headquarters in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies may offer a premium credit to qualifying applicants with apartments, residential condominiums, or townhouses when Auto-Out fire suppressors are installed in all units.





Berkshire Hathaway Guard logo
MiddleOak Insurance & Auto-Out

Headquarters in Middletown, CT
MiddleOak offers a Stovetop Fire Suppression Program. Simply install automatic stovetop fire suppressors and become eligible to receive a 7% credit on your Worlds Apart business owner's property premium.

Headquarters in Brandford, CT
V.F. McNeil Insurance allows for landlords who install stovetop fire suppression devices to be eligible for a 5% credit on their business owners policy premium.
VF McNeil Insurance & Auto-Out
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