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Testimonial from Apartment Risk Management Services

Testimonials from Risk Management Experts


J. Megan Davidson, Vice President

Real Estate Team at Alliant Insurance Services

My experience in insurance, and concentration in the multi-family arena compels me to comment on the Auto-Out system.


The 2017-2018 policy years have been the worst recorded in insurance history.  The habitational arena has been one of the hardest hit occupancies. 


As insurance companies have often sought to exit the market, or dramatically increase rates, I have been successful in using apartment owners’ investment in Auto-Out systems a reason not only to renew, but to stabilize rates.  In one case, the largest insurance company for affordable housing in the U.S. was proposing a significant premium increase – or would send notice of non-renewal.  I was able to negotiate both the renewal, and a decrease in the rate based on our client’s installation of the Auto-Out system.  This does not just affect the year the system is installed, but forever after, as it reduces the likelihood of a stovetop fire, while showing the commitment of the apartment owners to loss control and safety.


Statistics say 1 in 123 apartment units will have a kitchen fire annually.  Auto-out can be the difference between the health and safety of the tenants and your property, and potentially devastating results.  The investment will pay for itself in reduced losses, and stabilized insurance premiums. 

J. Megan Davidson, ARM, CRIS

Vice President

Real Estate Team

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. 

1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1500

Seattle, WA 98101

D   206 454 8040 


Larry K. Davis, Program Administrator

Apartment Risk Management Services

Auto-Out testimonial from Larry Davis
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