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Auto-Out Microwave

Auto-Out Microwave

Product Highlights

  • Auto-Out Microwave is specifically designed for cooktops with over-the-range microwaves or cabinets

  • Our new model, Auto-Out Microwave Quick-Connect Magnetic, uses industrial strength magnets to secure the device to the underside of the microwave

  • A pair (one left and one right) are needed per cooktop.

  • Allows for concentrated protection to both the front and back burners; delivers approximately 30% more fire-suppressant powder to the fire than the competitor

  • Activates automatically to suppress unattended cooking fires

How Does Auto-Out® Microwave Work?


Auto-Out® Microwave (M) protects all four burners. It is sold in a set of two –you’ll need one unit for each side of the cooktop (left and right).


  • After Auto-Out® M is installed the fire suppressor is positioned above the back burners.

  • When a fire occurs on the back burner, flames activate the triggering mechanism, causing Auto-Out M to discharge the fire-suppressant powder onto the fire.


  • If a fire occurs on the front burner, flames will touch the front of the Auto-Out M where a fire-sensing activator is located.

  • This causes the Auto-Out M to automatically rotate, which puts the fire suppressor over the front burner.

  • The flame then triggers the fire suppressor (now positioned in front) to release the powder onto the front burner.

Before purchasing Auto-Out Microwave, check for the following:
Ensure you have 15" - 27" of clearance from the cooktop surface to the bottom of the microwave or cabinet
Allowing at least 16" from the back wall to the front of the microwave or cabinet helps prevent the device from protruding past the microwave or cabinet
15 - 27 Inch Clearance Required.png
AOM Pair - Underside (2).jpg

Click below to download the Specifications Sheet


Click below to download the MAGNETIC Installation Instructions

Click below to download the WALL-MOUNT Installation Instructions


Click below to download the Frequently Asked Questions

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