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Insurance Sustainability With Auto-Out

Insurance discounts and premium reductions

Both conventional and affordable housing providers are experiencing higher premiums across multiple lines of insurance. Acquiring insurance is becoming more challenging, with policyholders encountering rate hikes of 10% to 30% compared to the previous year.

Auto-Out can assist in diminishing your insurance claim history and loss experience. By reducing property and tenant fire risks, you can increase your net operating income and stabilize insurance rates.

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Insurance Partners

Although the insurance landscape is changing, there are still insurance companies who may be offering premium discounts or lower deductibles for installing stovetop fire prevention devices. 

CLICK HERE for a list of our insurance partners who recognize the benefits of automatic stovetop fire suppressors.








If you are insured with Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Honeycomb Insurance, Capital Insurance Group, or Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance Companies, you are eligible for a discount on Auto-Out. Contact us for details.

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"Statistics say 1 in 123 apartment units will have a kitchen fire annually. Auto-Out can be the difference between the health and safety of the tenants and your property, and potentially devastating results. The investment will pay for itself in reduced losses and stabilized insurance premiums."

J. Megan Davidson, ARM, CRIS

Vice President

Real Estate Team

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

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