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Opening Doors....

Recently in San Antonio, TX there was a cooking fire in an apartment where a gentleman, Jesse Wadley and his mother lived. Sadly, she perished in the fire and he was badly burned. Due to his injuries he has to attend a burn clinic, lost the ability to work, and as his home was destroyed he was couch surfing with friends as he had no place to go.

Now some would read this and think or even say, “How tragic, how sad”, but then go on about their lives. But not the owner of Alamo Inn & Suites San Antonio, Texas. He stated “I feel like this is the only way I can help out.” He opened his door and invited Mr. Wadley in, providing a home for him until he’s back on his feet. He stated he wished to remain anonymous as well. I was surprised by this because he could have used this to promote himself and his property. Instead he further stated that “Giving back is his duty, and he just needed to reach out and help.”

Such a powerful message this is to all of us, to open a door for others. It doesn’t always mean you have to provide a hotel room, or a couch. Opening a door can also mean connecting someone who needs a job, with someone you know is hiring. It can be as simple as sending a card to someone who’s struggling and needs a bit of a cheer up. There are many ways you can help out and connect with others and make the world a better, kinder place.

So I encourage you today to think of one way you can be like the Inn Owner, and reach out and open the door for someone in your community.

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