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Office Dogs Rock

Hey guys, Kelli here. I know this word gets tossed around a lot, but I feel really "blessed" to work where I do. And trust me, no one is paying me to say that - ha. I was sitting here thinking about the cool things about my job. I love the people I work with and being part of this dedicated team. I love for working for a company that makes something tangible, and most importantly, life-saving.

One of the many neat things about this office are my pals, Vivian and Ranger, our two "office dogs." Ranger, Carson's German Shepherd (who despite his size is actually still a puppy), is a bit goofy but he's tremendously loyal and sweet. He's always the first one to greet me in the morning. As soon as I walk in, he ruuuuuns up to me. Just when I think he's going to jump up on me, he calms down, stops, and waits for his hello. I pat him on the head, give him a little belly rub, and a "Good boy, Ranger!" Then back to Carson's office he goes.

Vivian, a most-spirited and cuddly Aussiedoodle, typically rolls in around 9:30. She comes in, tail-wagging, excited, full speed ahead. She and I bonded over beef jerky when she discovered it was hidden in my snack drawer, then suddenly became my BFF. We get the mail together around lunchtime and sometimes take a mid-afternoon stroll. When the days are hectic, these moments of reprieve help alleviate the stress.

Studies have shown that dogs in the workplace can boost morale, and even profits, believe it or not. Check out this article, Dogs in the workplace: Good for you, your employees, your bottom line published by USA Today.

We'd love to hear your experiences with office dogs (cats, birds, lizards, whatever the case may be). Even better, post a pic of them in the comments below!

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