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New Years Resolutions!

It’s 2019! A brand new year, and usually the time most of us resolve to improve ourselves or our circumstances. This year instead of the usual ones: weight loss, get fit, or my favorite one I heard so far this year “quit doing bad things to my body”, I encourage you to make Fire Safety your New Year’s Resolution.

*Check your Smoke Detectors and CO2 Monitors! Take a few minutes to test them all out and change out batteries if needed.

* Discuss the Family Fire Plan! Don’t have one? Make one! Be sure that the whole Family knows exactly what to do/not do if a fire event should happen.

* Check your Fire Extinguishers! They do have an expiration date so be sure yours is still in good working order.

* Check your outlets for overloaded plugs! Many of us got new electronics and they all come with chargers, so ensure you are not overloading any outlets.

*Be careful in the Kitchen! Never leave a pot/pan unattended. Stay sharp and alert when cooking.

*Use candles with care! Keep them out of reach of kids and pets. Extinguish them before heading to bed, and never leave a candle unattended.

Make it your Resolution to maintain Fire Safety this year, and have a Happy (& Safe) 2019!

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