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Domino's Delivers Fire Prevention!

We’ve all heard of wood fired pizza, but most of us have not heard of pizza fire prevention. Fire prevention week is October 7-13, and for the 11th year in a row Domino’s Pizza is promoting Fire Safety is a huge way.

The campaign’s theme “Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire can happen Anywhere.” will be displayed on flyers on all their pizza boxes. Customers who place an order might also get a huge surprise: their pizza delivered by fire truck! If that Customers smoke alarms are working then they get their pizza free of charge! If not, the firemen will replace the battery or install a new alarm. It’s a win/win either way!

Here are some fire safety tip from our friends at Domino’s Pizza:

FireSafety Tips from Domino's and NFPA

  • Learn two ways out of every room.

  • Make a home escape plan. Draw a map of your home, showing all doors and windows. Discuss the plan with everyone in your home.

  • Practice a home fire drill twice a year.

  • Teach children how to escape on their own in case you can't help them.

  • Close doors behind you as you leave – this may slow the spread of smoke, heat and fire.

  • Once you get outside, stay outside. Never go back inside a burning building.

A huge shout out to the National Fire Protection Association and Domino’s Pizza-thank you for keeping us safe and our tummies happy! So mark your calendars, save this link: and order in a Pizza!

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