At a cost of just $17.50 each (two required per cooktop) and with a product life of six years, Auto-Out Venthood is an affordable option for any property owner. Need a formal quote with a shipping estimate? Click here to contact us.

Stovetop Fire Suppressors

The Auto-Out® Venthood Fire Suppressor is a cooktop fire suppressor designed to protect residential kitchens from the ever present danger of fire. Utilizing proven fire-sensing technology and an efficient and effective delivery method, Auto-Out® has been shown to suppress deadly kitchen fires rapidly and more cost effectively than other kitchen fire extinguishing systems.

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Auto-Out® Venthood

Kitchen fires are a common event; the combination of distractions which occur in our every day lives, hot kitchen stove burners, and the grease laden environment of the kitchen, provides all the elements necessary for a fire. In fact, unattended cooking is the nation’s leading cause of residential fires.