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Emergency Medical Service Officers Rock!

My husband went from having a small nosebleed to full on geyser, so we ended up in the ER on Thursday evening. They cauterized it, bleeding stopped, and thinking he was good to go he decided to drive his car home while I followed. Unfortunately, about 15 miles from our house it started up again and this time was even more than a geyser—more like the Exorcist! He pulled over as quick as he could (as did I) and he jumps out and leans over, and well I will spare you the gross stuff, but suffice to say it was bad, very bad.

We were between Greenville and Washington, NC (in the middle of nowhere!), no street lights or signs-just the name of the business we were next to and a great big farm field. Not knowing what else to do I called 9-1-1, and they sent an ambulance to us. They got there pretty quick considering where we were, and when they heard what had transpired that evening were aware of exactly what to do. They helped me move his car, and gave me a white towel to put in the window (apparently in NC this is the symbol for “I am coming back to get my car in the morning). They got him stable in the ambulance, and advised me to follow them and we’d meet again at the ER.

By the time I got inside the hospital, they had unloaded him and were on their way to take care of someone else. I never thought to get their names, and in my panic I am not even sure I thanked them properly. In fact, I am very sure I didn’t. They were fast, efficient, calm, and loving. Yes, loving! I was a panicked mess, and the younger EMS Officer calmly spoke to me and stated “Now we are going to move his car while my partner looks him over”, and “Now you’re going to place this towel in the window”, and then “We don’t run lights on non-emergent calls like this, but follow us closely and we will guide you right to the ER”. I was so upset over the whole thing that I was crying, and he told me several times. “This happens and I know it’s very scary-especially out here in the country, but we got you.” “We got you”.

They took great care of my Husband

, but they also took amazing care of me.

To the EMS Officers in Pitt County I send a HUGE “Thank you!”. And to all the many other EMS Officers out there-thank you for all you do!!! I realize now how thankless your job must be as you swoop in and dart out so quickly in our lives. For all those fleeting moments of panic that you calm down-Many, Many Thanks to All of You!

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