“I have reviewed thousands of property claims and found that 90% of all incidents are tenant related. The largest single cause of fires in apartments is unattended cooking, about 40%. In my opinion, the single most effective thing an owner can do to stop fires is install fire suppressive stove top canisters. Most underwriters understand the effectiveness of the canisters and afford premium discounts and/or smaller deductibles for their installation. I have given this advice to hundreds of owners and have Auto‐Out canisters in my home and all my rentals.”

- Larry K. Davis, Program Administrator, Apartment Risk Management Services


Increasingly more and more insurance providers are recognizing the benefits of automatic, cooktop fire suppressors. Many are offering premium discounts for clients who install these devices in their property. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of residential fires in the United States. Auto-Out® can help improve claims records, resident relations, and profitability. Click here to view providers who offer incentives and insurance premium discounts to clients who install stovetop fire suppressors.