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Auto-Out Versus Other Fire Prevention or Suppression Systems

Wondering how Auto-Out compares to a traditional fire extinguishers or "automatic stove shutoff" devices?


  • Auto-Out: Venthood Model, $40 per pair, with volume discounts available

  • Fire Extinguishers: Typical price for residential fire extinguishers is $27 but can range from approx. $11 to $229

  • Stove Shut off Device: Basic Model starts at $169.99


Activation Technology

  • Auto-Out: Flame-activated, ensuring rapid response to cooking fires without false alarms (no  human intervention required)

  • Fire Extinguishers: Requires human intervention to operate, typically using the (PASS Method)

    • Pull the pin, aim, squeeze, sweep

  • Stove Shut off Device: Monitors for the sound of your smoke alarm. When smoke alarm sounds, device turns off the stove. Relies on working batteries in your smoke detector. In the event the batteries have been removed or are drained, product will not activate.


Size and Portability

  • Auto-Out: Venthood model, about the size of a tuna can, uses a magnet to attach to the underside of the hood. Once installed, it is typically concealed by the venthood itself but will automatically activate once flames reach it

  • Fire Extinguishers: Ranges in size and portability, must be accessed in the event of a fire

  • Stove Shut off Device: Bulky and doesn’t allow the stove to be flush against the wall, limiting design and placement options


False Alarms

  • Auto-Out: Flame-activated, no false alarms, ensuring peace of mind and avoiding unnecessary disruptions.

  • Fire Extinguishers: Not applicable, human intervention required. Fire might already be too advanced to safely put out with a fire extinguisher.

  • Stove Shut off Device: Users have reported false alarms, causing the device to "trip" and prematurely shut down the stove. Device sensitivity and placement issues reported by users In addition, product has the potential to trip breakers and power shutdowns, potentially causing disruption and inconvenience.


Installation Ease

  • Auto-Out: Quick and easy magnetic installation, reducing setup time and costs.

  • Fire Extinguisher: Installation ranges depending on type, size of fire extinguisher

  • Stove Shut off Device: Plug into the wall at a 220 outlet. Advanced installation required for gas stoves, which may require more complex and time-consuming installation procedures.

Battery Life

Auto-Out:  No batteries required. Maintenance-free with a 6-year shelf-life, offering long-term reliability

Fire Extinguisher: Not applicable, no batteries required.

Stove Shut off Device: Device itself does not require batteries. However, the device syncs with smoke detectors which require battery replacement. Relies on working , leading to ongoing maintenance costs and potential downtime.


Longevity and Cost of Ownership

Our Product: Provides cost savings in the long run due to its extended shelf-life and maintenance-free operation.

Fire Extinguisher:

Stove Shut off Device: Higher total cost of ownership


In Conclusion:

Our fire suppression device excels in terms of affordability, reliability, ease of installation, and long-term cost-effectiveness. Unlike our competitor's unit, it avoids false alarms, offers a longer battery life, and remains maintenance-free for an extended period. These strengths make our product the superior choice for ensuring fire safety without compromising on convenience or budget considerations. When it comes to protecting lives and property, trust in our product for peace of mind and superior fire suppression performance. Don't settle for a device that wastes your time and disrupts your daily life – choose the smarter and more reliable option.



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