You would be paying $82,500 per year in premiums (300 units x $275).
• A 10% premium discount would result in a savings of $8,250 the first year ($82,500 x 10%).
• The cost of Auto-Out Venthood is $32 per pair (one pair required per apartment unit) so it would cost just $9,600 (300 x $32) to equip the entire 300 unit community.
• Over the six year life of the product, your total premium reduction would be $49,500. Taking the cost of the product ($9,600) from the saving in premiums ($49,500) gives us a net gain of $39,900.

Installing Auto-Out is not only a smart decision from a safety and security standpoint, but also from a financial perspective. Learn more about insurance discounts.

According to a recent report published by the National Apartment Association, the average annual cost to insure an apartment unit is between $250-$300. This is money you are already spending. Let’s say for example, you have a 300 unit apartment community and pay $275 per unit.

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