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Auto-Out Microwave Specification Sheet

Product Name

  • Auto-Out Microwave

Model Number

  • AOM-4


  • Residential, electric or gas cooktops with over-the-range microwaves

Features & Benefits

  • Fire-suppressant device for cooktops with over-the-range microwaves

  • 24-7 protection, no electrical or batteries required

  • Affordable

  • Helps protect property and residents

Quantity Needed

  • A pair for standard four-burner cooktops. One canister protects the front and back burners on each side of the cooktop.


  • 15 - 27" of clearance from the cooktop surface to the bottom of the microwave

  • Minimum of 9.5" measuring from the center of the Left unit to the center of the Right unit


  • Testing by Southwest Research Institute, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory

Installation Method

  • Wall-Mount Bracket - attaches to the wall below the microwave

Product Life

  • 6 years from date of manufacture

Dimensions and Weight: One Unit

  • Weight: 1.3 lbs (without bracket)

  • Length: 11"

  • Width: 3"

  • Height with bracket: 3.5"

  • Height without bracket: 2.75"

Country of Manufacture

  • United States of America

Intended Use

  • Small residential cooking fires, including grease fires (not intended to suppress fires caused by “deep-fat”frying)

Certification and Testing

  • Canister containing suppression agent has been tested by Southwest Research Institute® (SWRI), a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)

  • Suppression agent subject to national lab test standard for “Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers”

Activation Method

  • Triggered by the flames of the fire (neither steam, smoke, nor heat alone will actuate the device)

Primary Suppression Agent

  • Siliconized dry chemical powder (sodium bicarbonate base) subject to national lab test standard for “Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers”

Dispersal Method

  • Non-pressurized, gravity aided device


  • Use a damp towel to sweep up the environmentally friendly powder

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