Why Choose Auto-Out?

Some of our competitors may try to convince you to pay more, but at Auto-Out we've cut out the middle man. Now you can buy direct with no distributor price mark-up. We formed our company in 2011 but some of us have been working with these products for over 30 years. Our team members are dedicated to bringing our customers the service they deserve. We are privileged to manufacture in the USA and we pride ourselves on quality products. Don't believe the marketing fluff from the other guys. With Auto-Out, there's no gimmicks; just honest, manufacturer-direct pricing starting at just $17 each. Click here to read our customer success stories.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Long-lasting
    • Six year product lifespan (one-time use only)
  • Environmentally-friendly fire-suppressant powder
    • No harmful chemicals means safe and easy clean-up
  • Affordable
    • Auto-Out Venthood averages around $5 per year / per door
    • We do not sell through distributors. This allows us to sell directly to you at low prices without a middle-man markup. Ask about our meet-or-beat price match guarantee.
  • Sound investment
    • Can yield an extra measure of safety and protection to your investment and your residents
  • Quick and easy, yet secure installation
    • Auto-Out Venthood securely anchors into the venthood with a commercial-strength magnet
    • Auto-Out Microwave utilizes our exclusive Quick-Connect bracket that allows for a quick installation to the underside of the microwave.
  • Works independently - does not require human intervention
    • Actuated by the flames of the fire