Why Choose Auto-Out?


  • Long-lasting
    • Six year product lifespan (one-time use only)
  • Environmentally-friendly fire-suppressant powder
    • No harmful chemicals means safe and easy clean-up
  • Affordable
    • Auto-Out Venthood averages around $5 per year / per door
    • We do not sell through distributors. This allows us to sell directly to you at low prices without a middle-man markup. Ask about our meet-or-beat price match guarantee.
  • Sound investment
    • Can yield an extra measure of safety and protection to your investment and your residents
  • Quick and easy, yet secure installation
    • Auto-Out Venthood securely anchors into the venthood with a commercial-strength magnet
    • Auto-Out Microwave utilizes our exclusive Quick-Connect bracket that allows for a quick installation to the underside of the microwave.
  • Works independently - does not require human intervention
    • Actuated by the flames of the fire