Cooking fires are dangerous and oftentimes deadly. We encourage you to learn more about what you can do to prevent grease fires and protect your property and/or loved ones. Here are some helpful resources:

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Jamey Medlin the Mason City Fire Marshal says he does recommend this proactive approach in addition to having your fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. As for those who manage the property, they say they are happy with their purchase.

“It’s a relief for the other tenants knowing that there is something that will help prevent their whole building from going up in flames,” says Hearn. 

MASON CITY, Iowa- A kitchen fire in a Mason City apartment complex was put out before first responders even made it to the scene thanks to a unique device known as a stove top fire suppressor. All 72 units at the West Point Apartment Complex have the tool attached to the stove hood. Those who manage the complex say it started as a way to save money on insurance purposes.

“We put one in each unit in the event of a fire,” says Vicki Hearn, Property Manager for West Side Manor Apartments. “If there is a stove fire the powder will put it out.”

"Overland Park Fire Department Praises Stovetop Fire Extinguishers"

Published on Mar 31, 2014
Overland Park firefighters raced to the scene of a reported fire in an apartment complex only to find their work had already been done — automatically. The stovetop fire at The Lodge of Overland Park apartments was snuffed out by a simple device attached inside the range hood. (March 2014 Video by Jill Toyoshiba | The Kansas City Star)