Install automatic stovetop fire suppressors and become eligible to receive a 7% credit on your Worlds Apart® business owner’s property premium.

Attn: State of Texas Property Owners and Operators

State of Texas, 76th Legislature Senate Bill 139 allows for a “premium reduction for a policyholder of a single-family or multifamily dwelling, apartment owner, or condominium owner who installs an approved stovetop fire suppression device.” 

Content published orginally at:

(Texas Legislative Council, p. 279, 1999)

Click here to download a flyer from Commercial Insurance Solutions based in Dallas, TX. Discounts up to 15%.

Read the incredible testimony from Larry K. Davis, Program Administrator, with Apartment Risk Management Services.

Insurance Discounts and Premium Reductions

Talk to your insurance provider about potential premium reductions or lower deductibles available for property owners who use Auto-Out®. The typical discount may range from one to ten percent. By preventing cooking fire damage, you may eliminate your need to file a claim and can continue to keep your premiums low. And, most importantly your residents stay safe and your apartment units remain intact and continue to produce income.

Insurance Risk

Insurance Partners

Your insurance company knows that protecting your property and residents is critical. That’s why so many of them offer premium discounts or lower deductibles for installing stovetop fire prevention devices. Auto-Out, can help improve claims records, resident relations, and profitability. Here are just a few insurance providers who offer incentives to clients who install stovetop fire suppressors.

Propel Insurance writes coverage nationwide using both traditional insurance
companies, as well as a proprietary insurance program, all of which
provide credits for stovetop suppression systems.

Professional Insurors (PI) insures over 300,000 units nationwide. PI’s carriers offer varying discounts and disappearing deductible clauses for those clients protected with Auto-Out suppression devices.

 CIG offers a 2% total premium credit for apartment or condominium complexes that have every unit protected by a stovetop fire-prevention device.