How Do I Install Auto-Out Venthood?

  • You need two canisters (one set of two) per cooktop.

  • Take one of the Auto-Out canisters and position it between the front and back burner on the left side of the cooktop.

  • Lift canister straight up to secure magnet and Auto-Out canister to inside of venthood.

  • Repeat for the right side of cooktop. Installation is now complete.

How Does Auto-Out® Venthood Work?

  • Using a commercial strength magnet, Auto-Out Venthood securely anchors inside your venthood.

  • In the event of a cooking fire, when flames actuate the triggering device on the Auto-Out, the "petals" open and the fire-suppressant powder is discharged.

  • The powder smothers the fire on the front and/or back burner.