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Auto-Out® Cooktop Fire Protection


Auto-Out Cooktop Fire Suppressors are designed to protect residential kitchens from the ever present danger of fire. Utilizing proven fire-sensing technology and an efficient and effective delivery method, Auto-Out has been shown to suppress deadly kitchen fires rapidly and more cost effectively than other kitchen fire extinguishing systems.

Auto-Out currently offers two models of stovetop fire-suppression products:

Auto-Out Venthood

Product Highlights


  • Using a commercial strength magnet, Auto-Out Venthood securely anchors inside your venthood.

  • In the event of a cooking fire, when flames actuate the triggering device on the Auto-Out, the "petals" open and the fire-suppressant powder is discharged.

  • The powder smothers the fire on the front and/or back burner.

  • Note, Auto-Out Venthood cannot be used under a microwave. If you have an over-the-range microwave, you will need Auto-Out Microwave.

Auto-Out Microwave

Product Highlights

  • Auto-Out Microwave is specifically designed for cooktops with over-the-range microwaves.

  • Allows for concentrated protection to both the front and back burners

  • Delivers approximately 30% more fire-suppressant powder to the fire than the competitor

  • Activates automatically to suppress unattended cooking fires

See How it Works!

Learn more about Auto-Out:

Greg Campbell, Auto-Out Sales Representative

Mobile: (973) 214-8990

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