Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How much does Auto-Out cost? 

Auto-Out Venthood pricing starts at just $17.50 each.  Auto-Out Microwave starts at $30 each. Volume discounts are available. Two each required per cooktop. Contact us to inquire about for volume discounts.

How does Auto-Out know there’s a fire?

Auto-Out is equipped with a flame-sensitive mechanism that actuates the device when touched directly by a flame. Auto-Out activates automatically upon-flame activation, however not instantaneously at the outbreak of a fire. The fire must come in direct contact with the “wick” on the bottom of the device. Human intervention, ie smothering the flames or using a fire extinguisher, may limit the opportunity for Auto-Out to work by extinguishing the flames before the Auto-Out has a chance to activate. It will not activate when exposed to just steam or smoke. After a fire and the Auto-Out has activated, be sure to turn the burner(s) off to prevent a potential fire reflash (if it is safe to do so). Auto-Out is designed for small, indoor, residential grease fire and not for deep-fat frying.

How many do I need? 

Standard cooktops have four burners (two burners on the left and two on the right). If this is the case you will need two canisters. The Auto-Out is sold in a set of two.

I heard something about a product recall on stove top fire suppressors for microwave.  Does this apply to Auto-Out® Microwave? 
No, our brand of stovetop fire suppressors are NOT under a recall. 

Can I use Auto-Out Venthood and/or Microwave to protect a gas stove? 

Yes, Auto-Out Venthood and Microwave may be used to protect both an electric or gas stove.

Will my insurance provider give me a discount if I install Auto-Out?

Quite possibly, yes. We recommend you talk to your insurance provider about possible premium discounts or lower deductibles. Let us know if we can help you with a cost-benefit analysis or any other information for your provider.

Can I use Auto-Out to put out other types of fires?

Auto-Out has been tested for small residential, cooking grease fires and is not intended to be used to fight other types of fires or deep-fat frying fires. Buyer assumes responsibility for lack of performance or safety if not used according to directions and installation guides provided by manufacturer. If the products are not installed properly, are expired, tampered with or abused in service; the product may not perform properly. Warren Watts Technology does not take any responsibility or liability for damages of any kind, or for warranty claims which are due to improper installation or neglecting to meet the proper conditions of use. Contact us for our full product warranty and liability statement.

Can I use Auto-Out in my food truck? 

Auto-Out products have been tested for standard, residential four-burner cooktops therefore, they may or may not be suitable for protection in your food truck. We recommend you check the requirements set forth by your municipality and/or Fire Marshal.

How long does Auto-Out last before I have to replace it? 

Auto-Out Venthood and Auto-Out Microwave last for six years from the date of manufacture. However, both products are one-time use only.

How will I know when it’s time to replace Auto-Out? 

You will find the expiration date printed on the label of each Auto-Out canister listed by month and year the product will expire. For example, 03 2018 means the product will expire in March of 2018 with 03 representing the month (March) and 2018 representing the year.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Our refund policy may allow for returns on items that are damaged during shipping or due to manufacturer’s error. All returns require prior authorization and must be brought to our attention within 30 days of purchase date. Returns received without prior authorization will result in a restocking fee of up to 30%. We are unable to accept returns or exchanges after 30 days of ship date.

Is the fire-suppressing powder in the Auto-Out safe to handle? 

Absolutely, the powder is not harmful to you or your kitchen appliances. It is non-corrosive, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly. Please contact us with any specific questions or concerns about the powder.

What should I do when the Auto-Out activates? 

When Auto-Out activates, it dispenses a fire-suppressant powder onto the fire. If you are in the room when Auto-Out activates, do not try to move the pan or throw water on it. Keep back from the cooktop as there is the potential for grease splatter. If the fire has been put out, turn the burner to the OFF position but only if it is safe to do so. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

How does it compare to a fire extinguisher?

  • Auto-Out works automatically and does not require a person to operate it.

  • It does not need an inspection or recharging.

  • Auto-Out is specifically designed to combat and suppress residential unattended cooking fires, the nation’s leading cause of home fires.