Auto-Out Knob


Product Name

  • Auto-Out Knob

Model Number

  • AOK-1


  • Residential, electric cooktops

Intended Use

  • Restricts unnecessary/unsafe heat and energy involved in stovetop range cooking which can be responsible for flash grease fires

Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective

  • Proactive solution to costly grease fires

  • Prevents unsafe burner temperatures

  • Maintenance-free

  • One-time replacement of existing stove-burner control knobs

  • Battery free

  • Does not void stove warranty

Color Options

  • Black or white


  • Testing by Southwest Research Institute, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory

Installation Method - Click here for the installation instructions

  • Remove existing burner-control knob

  • Insert placement pin into restrictor plate

  • Set restrictor plate

  • Match color-coded insert to Auto-Out Knob

  • Fit insert into Auto-Out Knob

  • Fit Auto-Out Knob into place on stovetop

  • Repeat for all stove burner knobs

Product Life

  • Life of the cooktop

Quantity Needed

  • One set of four knobs for a standard four-burner cooktop

Country of Manufacture

  • United States of America