In addition to helping prevent fires, the AOK can dramatically reduce hazardous smoke emitted when cooking oils reach combustible temperatures. The AOK, whether used alone or combined with our existing cooktop fire suppression products (the AOV for venthoods or the AOM for stoves with microwaves mounted above them), substantially drops the chance of significant damage caused by a grease fire. Based on this reasoning, it makes sense why many insurance providers offer premium discounts and lower deductibles to encourage installing cooktop fire prevention devices. Simply stated, Auto-Out can help you improve claims records, resident relations, and profitability.

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Auto-Out® Stove-Safety Knob

Auto-Out Stove-Safety Knob (AOK) uses easily installed, cost effective, power-restricting stove knobs to help reduce the ever present danger of fire. AOK works by optimizing the temperature of the burner at the knob. Cooking temperatures will be ideal, without allowing cooking oils to reach flammable temperatures (for up to approximately 75 minutes based on Laboratory Testing by Southwest Research Institute).